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Manufacturier d'attachements pour les équipements de construction et manutention


Services - Buck Attachement

We will be happy to show you

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With our sister company Nivatek inc., we can make any type of custom projects. Our design department will analyze all your projects, regardless of size.

Our products are designed and manufactured to last. We choose only the finest steel and we use high strength steel in strategic areas. It’s at Buck Attachment as you the most for your money.

Quick coupler:

We offer excellent mechanical or hydraulic couplers for enhanced productivity that suits your particular needs. We can design and build custom quick couplers to give you the opportunity to adapt your current attachments to a new excavator.

Repair of buckets tailored to your needs:

In Buck Attachment you can find a variety of services including the repair or modification of a bucket. The work can be done in our workshops which ensures you excellent service. Let us surprise you!

Manufacturing of Buckets:

Our buckets are designed and manufactured on site with the expertise of our people and all the equipment necessary for the manufacture of our products.


Our rippers are made of hardened steel, ensuring a tough product that gives you the advantage when you need it. Our design is optimized to penetrate and pry into rocky or frozen soil.

Hydraulic thumbs:

Buck hydraulic thumbs are made of hardened steel and built to last. Our design has been optimized to provide the maximum movement available, so that you have the ability to work in a bigger envelope.

Extendable arm:

This attachment will without a doubt increase your productivity. With a Buck extendable arm, we guarantee that you will get your jobs done faster.

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